Meet our Director

In 2010, Ryan Rennison, a trained UK immigration specialist, decided to start his own consultancy, Move Up, with a focus on helping South Africans gain entry clearance to the UK. With a deep understanding of immigration legislation and a passion for the field, Ryan quickly established himself as a leading expert in the industry.

Through his dedication and hard work, Ryan and his team have helped over 5000 clients navigate the complex UK immigration process and has built a strong and consistent market share for Move Up.

One of Ryan’s early career highlights was when he helped a client claim the Right of Abode, a unique and challenging case that required demonstrating Commonwealth nationality. Ryan’s expertise and attention to detail helped him successfully represent his client and solidify his reputation as a top immigration consultant.

As Move Up’s market presence grew, Ryan began to take on staff and develop software to help automate the travel process. He also worked on building the Move Up website and improving its organic ranking. With the support of his staff and his wife, Ryan has been able to focus on business development and expand the company’s offerings.

In 2013, Ryan decided to step away from direct client dealings and instead focus on supporting his staff and working on business development. This has allowed him to expand operations and diversify product offerings, including entering the recruitment market and facilitating job sourcing and visa sponsorship for South Africans seeking UK work rights.

Thanks to Ryan’s passion for UK immigration legislation and his established relationships with the UK government, Move Up has been able to establish a preferred travel partner status with the department of UK visas and immigration. This direct link has given Ryan a deeper understanding of UK immigration policies and has allowed him to better serve South African nationals.

Through his approach to setting up a brand in the immigration market place, Ryan has also brought constructive improvements to the industry. Competitors have had to adopt Move Up’s free assessment approach to identifying applicants’ immigration needs, and the company continues to lead the industry with its standardized case fees and quick response times.

At Move Up, the goal is simple: to make the immigration process better for everyone. Ryan and his team are committed to continual improvement and are dedicated to helping clients navigate the complex UK immigration process with ease.