My fellow south africans

I have a dream. A dream that I help add value to the lives of others.

My name is Ryan Rennison, and I am the founder of Move Up. I started this company in 2010 but was trained in the immigration industry in 2008.

Prior to that, I did a stint of UK work in my twenties. In my experience of UK work, I naturally wanted to share the mind opening opportunity with others at home. The UK is a first world country and they do things differently.

Now I am in the position where I can show South Africans what it is like to get work experience abroad.

Getting international work experience actually is an “upskilling” process. Once you work abroad, you learn new cultures and see problem solving from a different perspective.

It’s important to note that I don’t sell the UK as a one way ticket. Rather, I treat the UK relocation as a new season of new opportunities. At the end of that season, a lot of South Africans return. Refreshed with new understandings.

This is an opportunity for South Africans to earn abroad and invest back in their home country.

UK Employers need us

With Brexit and a quickly recovering UK economy, the UK has gaps in employment that need to be filled.

I have been approached by large corporations that have hundreds of positions to fill.

UK employers want hard working, English speaking South Africans to join them.

Thanks to Brexit, UK employers no longer have access to EU workforce (without visa requirements). UK employers now have to go through the same sponsorship process, whether they employ South Africans or EU nationals. Its the same cost and admin for them.

They naturally want English speaking countries to join them. Now is our time to rise.

What’s being offered?

Good question, I am glad you asked.

Starting off, a successful candidate will usually be offered a minimum 2 year employment contract.

Not only an employment contract, South Africans will also be offered sponsorship in the visa application. This sponsorship means that South Africans can apply for the UK’s Skilled Worker visa. Which means that South Africans are being offered employment with a UK work permit.

Unlimited visa extensions are permitted from there. Subject to maintaining sponsored status.

The biggest benefit is that South Africans can earn British citizenship through continued UK residence. Stay in the UK long enough and you can earn a British passport.

More on this can be found on our Offered Benefits page.

What about family?

Immediate family dependents can join you. Married like partner and minors (below 18 years of age).

Family dependents are also granted settlement rights. Meaning that they too can live, work, study and settle in the UK.

They too can also earn British nationality through continued UK residence.

If you have a married like partner, this opportunity means that you can have joint household income flowing from UK remuneration.

You kids can go to UK schools. Even attend some of the worlds best Universities.

Negotiating Terms

Folks, at this stage, we just need to match South Africans with the right skillsets and experience with the positions that are currently being offered.

Once we have matched and verified the skills meet the requirements, we can talk about your travel needs.

Some aspects could be negotiated. Do you need help in paying for the visa, for the flights, for yourself or for your family?

Wait, what are the costs?

Another good question. We can address this further down the line. For now, we are looking to match skills with positions.

There is no point in talking costs if we can’t find a position to fill.

Get your foot in the door

Folks, I am opening the recruitment and visa sponsorship door.

This opportunity is a rare find for South Africans and I am really excited to see how many people we can help experience this first world adventure.

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