Move Up steps up to the plate

Imagine having a recruitment specialist that works with the British government on a daily basis. Even better, a recruitment company that has a strong foothold with the South African community. A company that has experience in dealing with thousands of cases. A company that is constantly automating and improving the user journey.

Look no further!

Move Up was founded in 2010 (just after the 2008 recession) and has managed to stay afloat through the global covid pandemic.

Thanks to Brexit, UK employers are forced to look at sponsorship route. We are here to say consider South African work force as a source for skilled labor and consider Move Up your middle man.

Employers risk

Previously, we mention that UK employers do have to factor in certain risk elements in the international recruitment game.

More specifically, employers have to factor in the following:

    • Time lags when dealing with British government.
    • Applicants adjustment to UK culture.
    • Co-ordination of the applicants move abroad.

Move Up is in a very unique position where we can confidently address these three aspects of risk.

In terms of time lags when dealing with the British government, with over a decades experience, we know what to look for and what times long to source. Free of charge, Move Up will address the key time hurdles in the applicants case. 

Proactively addressing risk elements by identifying solutions we have experience in.

In terms of helping prepare the applicant for changes in culture to come, Move Up has created a free induction program. Specifically the SA2UK ( Induction Program.

In terms of coordinating the move abroad, within the SA2UK induction program is an introduction to Move Up’s value added services. This provides South Africans with practical advise on how to get setup abroad (quickly and easily).

Given that the risk aspects are addressed, Move Up takes the recruitment service a step further than the average recruitment firm.


Move Up is here to help save UK employers time and energy in the following:

    • Advertising positions.
    • Finding and filtering potential candidates.
    • Verifying potential candidates past employment.
    • Conducting the first round of interviews.
    • Assessing the clients financial standings.
    • Addressing the visa requirements and time consuming documents.
    • Co-ordinating the applicants travels and start dates.
    • Helping the applicant setup themselves up abroad.
    • Helping the applicant mentally prepare for changes to come.

From the above list, you can hopefully see we genuinely are here to add value to UK employers. We genuinely want to help South Africans. We genuinely are best able to help.