Start to finish

This is the transaction that we are presenting UK employers.

    • Move Up advertises vacant role.
    • Move Up captures applications (initially CV and summary introductions only).
    • Move Up screens candidates experience and qualified applicants offered second round of consideration.
    • Applicants then complete more thorough application form
      • Assess financial standing
      • Assess timing and availability
      • Request character references
    • Move Up then thoroughly assesses applicant
      • Background employment and reference checks
      • Move Up conducts a 15 min video interview on successful applicants
    • Move Up then presents the best qualified applicants to UK employer
      • Providing an introduction along with a online copy of the video interview.
    • UK employer then assesses interest
      • If interested, further interviews can take place.
      • If successful, employment contract can be offered to applicant.
    • Applicant signs employment contract
    • UK employer initiates sponsorship
      • Requesting a unique certificate number for the role being sponsored.
    • Move Up invoices employer for first part (of two part) of 15% recruitment fee.
    • Move Up then offers the applicant visa representation
    • Move Up also helps prepare the client on time consuming documents
      • Police clearance
      • English tests
      • Birth certificates for minors joining
      • Marriage certificates for spouses joining
    • Move Up then also gives the applicant access to a free induction program
        • Serves to help prepare the applicant for changes to come.
    • UK employer sends through the certificate of sponsorship
    • Applicant applies for their visa
    • Applicant receives visa and flies over to the UK
    • Applicant begins work in the UK
    • Move Up invoices second part of recruitment fee.

This concludes the overall view of the transaction at hand. From start to finish. 

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