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Welcome to Move Up’s unique Employer Introduction Service (EIS), the perfect platform to elevate your job search in the UK. With us, you can go beyond the traditional boundaries of CVs and cover letters, presenting a compelling picture of your skills and experience to potential UK employers.

Understanding the challenges of navigating an unfamiliar job market, we’ve curated a suite of services designed to help you stand out:

Tailored Skill Recognition: We start by offering a comprehensive evaluation of your qualifications and work experience. With our Certifying Skill Recognition, we ensure your skills and qualifications align with the UK’s standards, setting the foundation for a successful job search.

Strategic Representation: Once we’ve identified your potential, we professionally represent you, leveraging our network of UK employers and licensed sponsors to make valuable introductions on your behalf.

Professionally Facilitated Interview: Our Employer Introduction Service includes a professionally conducted and recorded interview. This is your stage to showcase your skills, experience, and personality to potential employers in the UK. We ensure this serves as a powerful tool to position you as an ideal candidate.

Championing Your Potential: We do more than just introduce you. We champion your potential to prospective employers, promoting your unique strengths, and maximizing your chances of securing your dream job in the UK.

Guidance and Support: From the initial assessment to the final decision, we provide expert guidance and unwavering support throughout your job application process.

At MoveUp, we’re not just about finding you a job in the UK; we’re committed to helping you secure the job that’s right for you. Connect with us today to explore how our Employer Introduction Service can put you at the forefront of the UK job market.


Employer Introduction Service (EIS)

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Introducing Employer Introduction Services (EIS) by Move Up

Are you a South African seeking job opportunities in the UK? Look no further than Move Up's EIS (Employer Introduction Service). Our comprehensive service is designed to help you outsource your job-seeking workload, providing you with valuable connections and resources in the UK market.

At Move Up, we have established a strong presence and extensive market awareness in the UK. By tapping into our expertise, South Africans can access a wealth of opportunities and benefit from our recruitment product offerings. Our team excels in navigating the intricacies of UK employer dealings, ensuring that you have a competitive edge in your job search.

While we strive to assist you in finding your dream job, it's important to note that our EIS is a paid service. We believe in the value of our offerings and are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Take the first step towards your UK job search success with Move Up's Employer Introduction Services. Let us handle the workload while you focus on preparing for your exciting new career abroad.

EIS Breakdown

Move Up's introduction service is made up of two parts.

The first part of an effective introduction is getting South Africans skillset identified on UK standards. Skillset includes recognition for qualifications and work experience.

To facilitate skill recognition, Move Up conducts a Certified Skill Recognition service.

Once skills are identified on UK standards, our UK employer introduction process can begin.

Move Up verifies your employment history and sources verification of your employment.

Thereafter Move Up hosts a recorded interview.

Move Up then provides employers two part introductions to 20 willing and able UK employers. Targeting both actively seeking employers as well as licensed sponsored.

The first part of the introduction consists of skill introduction. Focusing on employers vacancy needs.

The second part of the introduction consists of character introduction with a trackable viewing of the recorded interview.

This two part introduction serves to open up dialogue with interested UK employers.

Are you willing to have your qualifications assessed to UK standards?(Required)
Are you willing to have your work experience quantified to UK standards?(Required)
Do you want your introduction to UK employers to include verification of your employment history?(Required)
Are you willing to attend a recorded interview?(Required)
Please note that this interview will not be displayed publicly. It will be only accessible to interested parties who provide their working email addressed.
Would you give Move Up consent to approach 20 willing and able UK employers on your behalf, to provide introduction of your skillset.(Required)

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