how UK employers win

To recap, we have introduced the South African work force as hard workers, working longer hours than the UK. South Africa was a previous British colony, which means that our cultures share a common understanding.

South African average wage is less than half of the UK’s and taking South Africans out of their comfort zone enables them to concentrate on making their employers happy.

areas of benefit

These are the biggest contributing aspects:

    • UK employers get exposure to a larger pool of workforce.
      • Hard working, motivated and solution driven.
    • UK employers have room to negotiate salary terms.
      • Assistance in relocation costs,
      • Duration of contract, as well as 
      • Wage being offered.
    • UK employers can nurture long term placements.
      • South African eligibility to remain in the UK is based on employment contracts being extended.

It’s not all roses and sunshine. The downside to this solution:

  • Time gap extended: UK government involvement
    • UK visas add delays in terms of processing times and document gathering.
    • Not to mention the cost adds to the barrier of entry.
  • Lots of moving parts
    • The co-ordination of applicants needing to sell/move possessions and purchasing flights is a fine skill to have.
    • Not to mention the adjustment from being taken out of ones comfort zone.

Not all placements are able to handle the adjustment.

That’s where Move Up comes in.

Move Up specifically addresses all of these downsides to reduce the risk and time lags. Gearing up for the most streamline and efficient relocation process.

Move Up’s offering

What Move Up brings to the party and how we help in the process. Reasons why you should consider Move Up to help close recruitment gaps.

whats being offered
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