This page serves to help address and clarify how adoption is accepted by the UK Government. The adopted child is hereafter referred to as “the applicant”.

There are different provisions available. The complication in these cases is that we are dependent on the public sector’s administration (and their service delivery).

The most common delay in these cases is the actual registration of adoption. This is often what holds families back from being able to make any immigration (or travel) plans.

Moving forward from here, we can only help applicants once their registration is finalized (and not before).

What we have witnessed though is that adoption registration takes place in the child’s place of birth. Therefore, if the child is born in SA, the adoption is registered in SA.

This presents a problem in terms of British nationality (and the applicant’s ability to get a British passport).

South African applicants (ie applicants born in South Africa), with SA registered adoptions, do not qualify for British passports (not automatically at least). Even if their parents were born in the UK.

For adoption to pass UK citizenship (automatically), the adoption needs to be registered with the UK Home Office (which is the British governments equivalent to our SA Home Affairs). To register a South African born minor with the UK Home Office is not an easy challenge. There are quite a few hurdles to jump through to make this possible.

What we find though, is that the applicant needs to qualify as a minor dependent (with SA nationality). It is the same concept as a married dependent (ie SA national dependent on UK national).

In these cases, we recommend that interested parties contact Move Up so that we can best further assist.

Alternatively, to speed up the process, we can begin the visa application process here:

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