This page serves to help clarify the options available to applicants (South Africans) in South Africa when their step parent has permission to live, work and settle in the UK.

Based on our experience, these cases have the highest risk of refusal. Agency representation is definitely recommended in these cases.

There are three different types of approaches that applicants can consider.

    1. That they are a minor at the time of submission.
    2. That they are an independent adult at the time of submission.
    3. That they are a dependent adult (incapable of being independent) at the time of submission.

Minor Dependent on Step Parent

In the first option, applicants that are minors (below the age of 18 years at the time of submission) looking to claim dependency on their one biological parent and their step parent.

The are three further requirements applicable to minors looking to be dependent on a step parent.

i. Evidence of who the minors registered biological parents are.
ii. Evidence to confirm that the other biological parent (not travelling with) gives permission for the minor to permanently relocate.
iii. Evidence of the step parent’s sole financial responsibility in the minors upbringing.

The above three requirements are compulsory. Hence they dictate the feasibility of the case. If the minor is not able to evidence the above, their case will automatically be refused.

Independent Adult Dependent on Step Parent

In this second option, applicants are older than 18 years old (at the time of submission). Legally, from an immigration perspective, the applicant is defined as an “independent adult”.

In reality, we often find that 18-year-old applicants are recent matriculants that are not financially independent. If anything, they generally only become independent much later on (at 25 years old).

From an immigration perspective, these cases are generally not feasible. There are special provisions though that we can help assess the feasibility of the case. We encouraged interested applicants in these cases to contact us.

Adult Dependents Not Capable of Being Independent

This third approach to considering being dependent on a stepparent applies to cases where adults are physically or mentally challenged.

In these cases, adult dependents have a stronger chance of being awarded their dependency status. These cases are complex none-the-less.

Fortunately Move Up offers free assessments, to help identify the feasibility of the case. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact us.

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