This page caters serves to help clarify how UK Ancestry visas work, in terms of the eligibility of family dependents. Often, first time immigrants struggle to find (or understand) the content about Ancestry visas.

We have put together content to address the main applicant’s eligibility (ie. the applicant with a UK born grandparent).

The British government have made provision for the UK Ancestry visa to grant the same permission for immediate dependents to join the main applicant.

Immediate Dependents Defined

The British government allows for the main applicant of the UK Ancestry visa to have their immediate family dependents join them.

From their perspective, the following cases “easily” qualify:

We have put together a useful page to help clarify the different types of married like relationships (and its recognition from an immigration perspective).

There is provision for other family dependents to qualify but the risk of refusal greatly increases in the cases mentioned below:

    • Adult Child of main applicant dependent
    • Step Adult Child of main applicant
    • Adopted Adult Child of main applicant
    • Parent of main applicant
    • Step Parent of main applicant
    • Adopted Parent of main applicant
    • Grandparent of main applicant
    • Step Grandparent of main applicant
    • Adopted Grandparent of main applicant

In the above cases, applicants need to be able to demonstrate that the dependent is completely financially reliant on the main applicant and that the dependent is not capable of financially providing for themselves.

Based on our experience, the above complicated cases are not considered feasible. Only in very rare circumstances.

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