This page caters for South Africans looking to find out what UK visas are available that grant UK working rights. It is important to note that in this industry, we deal with unique individuals. Each individual has its own unique background. The UK government have put together generalised provisions, with specialised qualifying criteria. At Move Up, we are here to create awareness of the opportunities available and to help navigate applicants through successful cases.

There are four general provisions that have been made for South African passport holders.

    1. Family dependency
    2. Birth rights (heritage through ancestors place of birth)
    3. Point based visa system
    4. Non point based visa system

To break up these 4 general provisions into more detail, the follow content applies

Family dependency

Family Dependency Explained

Relatives that live in the UK

Spousal Visa Explained

Settlement visas

EEA Family Permits

Birth rights (heritage through ancestors place of birth)

Birth Rights Explained

UK Ancestry Visa Explained

UK Ancestry Visa

Point based visa system

Point Based Visa system

Tier 1 – Highly Valued

Tier 2  – Work Permit

Tier 4 – Full time Student

Tier 5 – Temporary Worker

Other opportunities that could apply: