9 July 2012 Settlement Visa Changes.

On Wednesday (13 June 2012), in accordance with Damian Greens statement released in February 2012 (GBP31000 Salary Requirement), the UKBA have followed through with impact assesments, a policy equity statement and a statement of compatibility to confirm their compliance of the rules set out in Article 8 (which stipulates consideration of family life and private […]

Damian Green (UK Immigration Minister) Salary Proposal for Settlement Visas.

On Thursday (2nd February 2012), immigration minister Damian Green, made a proposal at the Policy Exchange addressing Parliament saying that Britian needs to attract those who will benefit Britian and not just benefit from Britian. Taking into consideration that the Co-Alition Government have appointment Mr Green to only focus on non-EEA migrants (South Africans included), […]

EEA Family Permit for South Africans going to UK.

Change of Affiliation. Effective 1 July 2012 , Move Up – UK Visa Solutions has had a change in UK based affiliation. The original affiliation with DWi Global has now dissolved and both parties have left on good terms. Move Up continues to maintain it’s affiliation with Stephen Atkinson (OSIC level 2 Immigration Practioner). Mr […]

Compulsory Online Payment for UK Visas

Effective 16 January 2012, South Africans are expected to process payment of their visa applications online through the Visa4UK website. This means that South Africans can no longer make use of cash deposits at Nedbank, EFT (Electronic Fund Transactions) or make use of Bank guaranteed cheques. Further to this, South Africans will not be granted […]

VFS South Africa Explained For UK Visa Applications

All South African passport holders who are looking at going to the United Kingdom (That’s England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) have to apply for UK visa to do so. This visa grants South Africans permission to enter the UK (subject to meeting their Entry Clearance criteria). To answer a common question that our clients raise, […]

Earning Criteria for Settlement Applications

A minimum earning criteria has been suggested by the MAC (Migration Advisory Committee). This means that there is a good chance that partners of British passport holders are soon to be exposed too an earning criteria if they wish to “sponsor” their South African partners to join them in the UK. At this stage of […]

Emergency Visitor Visa Service Now Offered

Operating on a first come first serve basis, for those South Africans looking to make a last minute UK visa application can now do so. Emergency and urgent applications can now be efficiently dealt with the help of Move Up and VFS (Visa Facilitation Service). Effective 14 November 2011, South Africans can expect a 3 […]

2011 Visa Options for SA to Work in UK

The UK system continually changes. In 2005 -2009 the UK allowed gap year students and tertiary qualified applicants to work in the UK. Since the 2009 recession, the UK government is more driven to prioritise locals with jobs as opposed to giving foreigners jobs. With this in mind, gap year students and tertiary qualified applicants […]

Damien Green Immigration Speech

This speech was given by Home Office Immigration Minister, Damian Green, at the Royal Commonwealth Society on 6 September 2010. It details the thoughts on UK immigration in 2010. Further details can be found here.