Exciting expansion news from Move Up: more solutions, more services!

This June 2023, we’re thrilled to announce the introduction of our brand-new in-house Legal department at Move Up. We’ve established ourselves as a go-to choice in UK immigration and British nationality legislation by offering cost-effective and standardised solutions.

Our expertise lies in tackling high-volume applications, providing an affordable alternative for South Africans. Instead of navigating complex immigration applications alone or using pricey legal representation, Move Up stands as a reliable option.

With a staggering success rate of 99%, Move Up owes its triumph to our complimentary assessments. Our diligent caseworkers ensure accurate assessment during these sessions, identifying qualifying criteria and potential case complications with precision.

Our standardized approach ensures a proactive interaction with the market, allowing us to confidently assess the eligibility and feasibility of each case. However, we recognize the limitations in our consultancy wing – particularly with less common applications that don’t yet have a standardized process and those we label as fringe cases, which are usually high-risk.

Our newly established Legal department is the answer to these challenges. The team is designed to step in when standard success cannot be guaranteed, offering practical solutions tailored to the client’s interests.

Taking the helm of this innovative department is Gwen Vermeulen, a seasoned litigation attorney with a profound passion for British nationality law. With her background in an international legal firm, Gwen is excited to employ her expertise in the service of the South African market for their UK government dealings.

Ryan Rennison, the Founder of Move Up, shares, “An unexpected advantage of this expansion is our newfound capacity to handle UK-based applications. Leveraging modern technology, our team can now facilitate extensions, permanent residence, and naturalization claims.”

He adds, “Instead of discarding our current model, Move Up will continue to provide affordable consultancy services, augmenting our offerings with Legal representation for higher-risk cases.”

Having successfully broadened our reach into the recruitment sector, we’re eagerly preparing for more diversification initiatives in 2024. Stay tuned as Move Up continues to grow and innovate!

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