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Vaccines in South Africa – trusted or not?

How were vaccines created so quickly? Our Director, Ryan Rennison, talks to virologist Dr Alta Van Zyl about South Africa’s vaccines and their process. Natural concerns about the shortened testing periods and severe side effects are addressed. We hear the science behind the testing and its effectiveness. Have a look at our discussion here: After […]

Customer Case Study: Ancestry Work Permit

Unique Visa Provisions In todays case study, we are going to be looking at how we help South Africans locally and internationally.  Today’s client, Julianne, was referred to us by her brother. We helped him and his wife submit their Ancestry case in the USA. When his sister was ready to relocate, he insisted that […]

July 2021 Travel Update

Jason and I talk about the current protocol for UK visa applications lodged in SA: HOW WE HELP Move Up current offers the following solutions: – Free visa assessment (either British nationality or UK visa options)– Call back request– Find out about Move Up affiliates– Take a look at the full list of British nationality […]

Customer Case Study: Marriage Visitor Visa

Unique Visa Provisions In our previous case study, we can see how Move Up’s free assessment serves to help reduce risk of refusal (before visa submission). In todays study, we will see that Move Up’s free assessment also serves to identify unique visa opportunities that exist. A young couple, one British, one South African, were […]

Customer Case Study: UK Skilled Worker Visa

UK Employer Sponsorship UK skilled work permits, previously known as Tier 2 visas, work on the basis that UK employers not only have to offer South Africans job offers but they also have to gain approval from the UK government to do so. In todays study, you will see that even UK employers don’t get […]

COVID Border Regulations: Understanding the UK’s “Traffic Light System”

The EU vaccine passport is in its rollout phases and vaccinations across the UK are moving along swiftly. With these two events coinciding, it was expected that travel restrictions would be eased in time for the summer but the UK’s “Traffic Light System” is still giving the red light to many countries. The system has […]

Travel Predictions for 2031

Past Being born in the early 80s, I am part of the generation where we have experienced technological improvements impacting our way of life. Fortunately / unfortunately, my generation is the last to grow up without social media. Historically speaking, it has been amazing to witness the advancements in internet infrastructure. Especially in South Africa. […]