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This category serves to reveal speculation and thoughts on immigration legislation. It is entirely subjective and often we find ourselves needing to re-define our interpretation.

Travel Predictions for 2031

Past Being born in the early 80s, I am part of the generation where we have experienced technological improvements impacting our way of life. Fortunately / unfortunately, my generation is the last to grow up without social media. Historically speaking, it has been amazing to witness the advancements in internet infrastructure. Especially in South Africa. […]

Are UK Visa Tech Woes affecting SA Applications?

United Kingdom (UK) visa processing times have become unpredictable thanks to the uncovering of a system algorithm that could be unfairly discriminating against visa applicants.  The uncertainty has left many South African applicants on edge as they face even greater ambiguity around their eligibility for settlement visas. “The UK immigration process is like a board […]

Brexit and the UK Ancestry visa

Recently we have been received a lot of queries asking about Brexit and it impacts on the UK Ancestry visa. It seems a lot of people are concerned about the British government reviewing its international policies. At this stage, it is important to note that the British politicians are scrambling to meet the end of […]

Past Developments of UK Immigration (From a South African perspective).

o help give context to my subjective opinions relating to UK immigration legislation and how it impacts fellow South African passport holders in 2016, it is best to take past developments into consideration. This helps understand the motivations that serve as a driving force behind the changes taking place. David Cameron, from my perspective, is […]

Current Developments of UK Immigration (From a South African perspective).

As of the Friday (18th March 2016), the British government and their department of UK Visas and Immigration have implemented an annual fee increase. The biggest concern I have is that they have implemented a 25% increase on visas that grant working and settlement rights in the UK to non-EU migrants. Please note that not […]

Future Developments of UK Immigration (From a South African perspective).

Starting off, let me clarify that I have taken into consideration that I might have over analysed this situation and I would not be surprised to hear from readers that I have drawn conclusions based on past events that might not necessarily be true. I stand to be corrected and am open to the fact […]

Move Ups’ February 2015 Summary on UK Visas

Given that we are already half way through February, this year seems to be getting off to a busy start. We are nearly ready to roll out phase 1 of our business improvement plan (running a bit behind schedule but excited nonetheless). Over the past few months, the UK government (and its politicians) have announced […]

Unhealthy Immigration Policy

Please note that todays article is entirely subjective. This is my perspective of how immigration policies operate. Introduction It seems that many people know the basic facts about how immigration policies operate but few have pieced them together as healthy versus unhealthy approach. Given that we are now coming to the end of 2014, I […]