Not many countries take as much pride in their heritage as the United Kingdom (consisting of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) does. As a matter of interest, the only other countries (that we know of) that take ancestors place of birth into consideration include the Republic of Ireland and Germany.

This pride in heritage is the driving force behind granting birth rights to South Africans.

If you were to turn the tables around, our South African government does not pass down birth rights to its nationals born outside South Africa. Well not easily that is.

In terms of the UK birth rights, the British government have made provision for a claim from a maximum of 3 generations (for adults). In cases where relatives have been born in former British colonies (and not only the UK), we have put together a page to explain colonial birth rights.

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To help explain the provisions available to adult applicants (applicants over the age of 18 years old), we have put together the following pages:

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Birth certiciates required for the Ancestry Visa.

Ancestry dependents explained.

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