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Move Up MD Challenges Controversial UK Visa Stats

The managing director of Move Up, a locally based immigration agency specialising in UK visas, has challenged the recent visa refusal statistics released by the Home Office in the UK. In an interview with John Maytham on popular radio station Cape Talk earlier this month, Nic Cheeseman – the University of Birmingham’s Professor of Democracy […]

Global Market Analysis

Rand Merchant Bank’s analyst, John Cairns, has given an insightful perspective on the strong Rand (at present) and predictions based on other past trends. I see this as a helpful “traders tip” for those that deal in foreign exchange or those with excess cash laying around and open to trying to make a quick buck. […]

Cape Town set to get 24-hour UK Visa service

The British Chamber of Business held talks yesterday with regional manager of Southern Africa’s United Kingdom Visas and Immigration Department (UKVI), Lorna Feldtman, where it was announced that Cape Town will be the new recipient of a 24-hour-turnaround visa service. Formerly only available to applicants in Tshwane and Johannesburg, Move Up’s managing director, Ryan Rennison […]

Are UK Visa Tech Woes affecting SA Applications?

United Kingdom (UK) visa processing times have become unpredictable thanks to the uncovering of a system algorithm that could be unfairly discriminating against visa applicants.  The uncertainty has left many South African applicants on edge as they face even greater ambiguity around their eligibility for settlement visas. “The UK immigration process is like a board […]

11 Great Reasons to Move to the UK: the South African Edition

The United Kingdom has been a top immigration destination for South Africans for decades. While our intertwined cultures and histories make it one of the easiest countries to settle in, it’s the country’s rich natural beauty, relatively stable politics and the power of the pound that remain the popular drawcards. Here are 11 great reasons […]

How to Successfully Navigate SA’s Looming Expat Tax

South Africans living overseas may find themselves at the mercy of the National Treasury come 1 March 2020 when the South African Revenue Service (SARS) plans to appropriate up to 45% of SA expat earnings over R1 million via new tax laws. Chris Hanley, a director at financial services company The Aliwal Road Group, said […]